Top enrollment
marketing secrets

Top enrollment marketing secrets

Exclusive insights into your graduate and professional student’s enrollment journey

Anyone responsible for recruiting graduate and professional certificate students knows the challenge of reaching this diverse group. Thinking Cap Agency has conducted thorough research to understand your future students. Download our guide to learn how to optimize your enrollment strategy and gain high-quality student inquiries.

In this guide, you’ll learn the latest on: 

  • Who your future students are (and how that’s changing)
  • What motivates prospective students
  • How to position your program to the students you want to attract
  • Your future students’ goals and when to start messaging them
  • Most effective media strategies  for influencing your future students
  • Bonus section: How the coronavirus has affected your future students’ process and decisions
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About Thinking Cap Agency 

Thinking Cap Agency is the leading data-driven enrollment marketing agency for higher education. We provide colleges and universities with high-quality student inquiries to increase enrollment yield. Through proprietary research and student data, we’re able to identify and influence your future students. Real-time access to campaign performance through our Quantitative Analytics Dashboard (QUAD TM), in addition to a dedicated team of tactical media experts, ensures campaign transparency and success.

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