We Influence Your Future Students to Enroll

This is where we get excited! Now that we have IDENTIFIED your future students, our enrollment marketing consultants and tactical media specialists will take over to build the enrollment funnel road map to your enrollment strategies and enrollment growth success.

Journey &
Asset Analysis

& Media

Messaging &
Ad Production

Set-up, Test
and Deploy

Our approach begins with an extensive analysis of your current recruitment assets and enrollment funnel. This is crucial to the development of media and messaging strategy that enables influence of your prospective students to engage and ultimately enroll.

Media Strategy & Planning

Thinking Cap Agency employs specialized media experts that leverage our proprietary research and data to develop a strategic media plan tailored to achieve your enrollment management goals.  Influence your future students with cross-device & cross-platform 1:1 precision targeting with a full-funnel storytelling, reach, and engagement impact that drives high quality student inquiries, leading to enrollment growth.

Email Inbox Marketing

Student Social Profile Matching

Cross-Device Display Persona Targeting

Student Device ID Targeting

U-SOCIALTM Short form Video Storytelling

Video / Connected TV

IP Student Household Targeting

Content Creation & Distribution

Landing Page Development& Hosting

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Streaming Audio

Postal Delivery 

Speaking directly to your targeted future students in a way that is unique to each sub-persona identified in our Student Data Center consistently elevates campaign performance above industry benchmarks. Let Thinking Cap experts consult with your creative teamor our network of trusted creative partners, to ensure every media tactic maximizes its influential value and contribution to the full-funnel enrollment success!

Flawless Campaign Execution

Thinking Cap’s ad operations and campaign management teams exemplify the highest grade in technical and media expertise! Every tactical execution is managed independently by a dedicated expert to manage and optimize their contribution to the holistic performance success to goal. 

Landing page Development & Ad Placement Mapping

Pixel Implementation
& Measurement

Inquiry &
Submission Testing

Analytics Dashboard
Set Up