Short-Form Video Storytelling

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In today’s short attention span world, engaging your prospective students quickly and effectively has never been more crucial – and challenging. That’s where U-SOCIAL™ comes in. 

High Engagement & ROI


Delivered Sequentially

High Message


U-SOCIAL delivers your university’s custom messages to future students in bite-sized, episodic video segments right where they already are – on social media. The U-SOCIAL platform delivers videos that impact all phases of the enrollment funnel. Each video is designed to both make an impact standing alone, and to fit into a big-picture story arc that influences enrollment decisions.

From production to execution, U-SOCIAL utilizes the best storytellers, producers, directors, editors, creative, and copywriters to illustrate the value of your institution. Our approach effectively and quickly builds awareness and guides prospective students through each decision – all the way up through a completed application. 

Video makes it easier than ever to evoke emotion and forge human connections at scale. With an estimated 82% of site traffic being driven by videos by 2021 and 80% of prospective students listing video as an influence on their application, higher education institutions can’t risk falling behind. Thinking Cap’s precision targeting capabilities delivers engaging video content directly to your prospective students. U-SOCIAL’s video storytelling effectively grabs their attentions and leads them through each step of the application process 

Easy, Effective, Impactful Turnkey Solution

Thinking Cap’s U-SOCIAL makes it easy to include in any budget from production to execution. Add the best storytellers, producers, directors, editors, creative and copywriters and the value of your institution’s degree is being translated to the right audience with maximum measurable impact. 

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We collected data from 100 of the top MBA Instagram accounts to understand what kind of content performs and what doesn’t. We found that schools who are using video content are doing so in unique and interesting ways – and earning superior engagement by doing so. For example, videos that feature a university’s campus earn 6.1% engagement (compared to the 2.9% MBA program benchmark). 

Video marketing stands out to future students and sets you apart from your competition. 

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