karolina saittis

Karolina Saittis

University Account Manager

With extensive project management experience, Karolina Saittis has worn many hats at Refuel Agency and Thinking Cap. She manages Refuel’s College Club programs and, throughout the years, has possessed the knowledge on how to reach college students and what governs their decision-making when it comes to brands they choose to trust. As a Program Specialist, she has worked with brands like Lyft, Course Hero and Venmo. As an Account Manager, Karolina is passionate about helping clients bring their vision to life while using Thinking Cap’s custom-built capabilities.

Karolina Saittis is originally from Poland, which helps her provide interesting and unique solutions. She holds MA degrees in Project and Media Management from one of Poland’s top universities and NY’s The New School respectively. She is a keen yogi and a dog mom to two fur rescues from Texas.