Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic enrollment marketing campaigns allow you to attract exactly the kinds of students you want enrolled in your university. Through active marketing, you can craft messaging that resonates with your ideal students, implement tools to nurture prospective students all the way through the enrollment funnel, and guide your prospective students along the way.

The best marketing tactic for student recruitment depends on the type of student you’re targeting. At Thinking Cap Agency, we specialize in graduate, transfer, online, and professional/continuing education students – and each of these target audiences have different lifestyles, media consumption habits, and goals for their higher education journey.

At Thinking Cap Agency, our goal is to deliver qualified student inquiries – and these student inquiries pay for themselves. We offer scalable solutions for any budget, so you can feel confident in moving forward with your campaigns. Thinking Cap is a non-retainer agency so schools may test our solution, either in place of or in addition to their current marketing.


We are an agency for agencies – we work as a strategic partner to agencies by leveraging our unique data and solutions to maximize campaign success. Thinking Cap can offer standalone solutions or compliment other agencies to enhance overall performance.

Our data, solutions, and expertise allow us to research, identify, and influence your future students – driving high enrollment marketing ROI. We have millions of students in our database, 30 years of experience through our sister agency, Refuel Agency, and proprietary media solutions to influence students to enroll.

We compliment other agencies by acting as an extension and an amplifier for your campaigns, enhancing overall performance. We focus on niche audiences, with the ability to hyper-target select groups of students with our omnichannel solutions and millions of data uniques.