Guide to Creating Student Personas for Adult Learners

The best way to recruit new students is to understand your current ones. Download our guide to learn the fundamentals of building personas. Includes new continuing education research results from Thinking Cap Agency! You’ll learn:

  • Why create student personas
  • 3 easy steps to jump start the process
  • Example personas (including new research results)
  • How to put your personas to use

Download the Guide

Identify your future students

The key to increasing your enrollments is understanding your audience on a deep level. Thinking Cap bring its Student Data Center™ to your graduate student education marketing strategy. Work with us to pre-identify the future students for each individual graduate program and let Thinking Cap change your outcome!

Generate qualified inquiries

We generate quality student leads that have a higher propensity to engage and enroll in your university programs. Our methodology is proven effective to help fill your enrollment gap for all your education programs to maximize tuition revenue opportunity.

Measure your campaign's performance in real-time

We know how important it is to be able to track your campaigns, real-time. Thinking Cap offers full University CRM Integration with its Quantative University Analytics Dashboard (QUAD™) to enable real-time performance analytics matched to leads generated from our enrollment marketing strategies. We are constantly testing, measuring, growing and proving results.

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About Thinking Cap Agency

Thinking Cap Agency was born in 2019 from its parent company,  Refuel Agency, Inc. We boast more than 30 years of omni-channel brand and higher ed media + marketing experience targeting niche audiences. Rooted in research and driven by data, Thinking Cap Agency represents a dedicated focus and investment to innovate and elevate lead-generation strategies for colleges and universities that affect student enrollment growth.