Enrollment Marketing That Delivers

  • Pre-identify your future students
  • Generate quality leads
  • Achieve your enrollment goals

Graduate | Professional & Continuing Ed | Transfer | Online

Identify your future students

Your future students might already be in our Student Data Center™ of prospective student hand raisers.

Generate qualified inquiries

We generate quality student leads that have a higher propensity to engage and enroll in your university programs. Our methodology is proven effective to help fill your enrollment gap.

Achieve your enrollment goals

Full campaign transparency at your fingertips 24/7 through our Quantitative University Analytics Dashboard (QUAD™).


Are you getting the best results from your enrollment marketing? Learn how Thinking Cap increase your enrollments.

We specialize in on-campus and online higher education enrollment marketinfor graduate and professional education programs as well as your transfer student recruitment plan.



Engage and
communicate with
graduate school bound
and adult learner


Professional & Continuing Ed

Find your future
students seeking
career advancement certificates and non-
degree programs



Direct influence of
community college
and undergrad
transfer student

Young woman using laptop


Drive national
engagement with
students seeking online degree, non-degree,
and certificate programs

Tactics Proven to Influence Enrollment

We’re specialized media experts that leverage our proprietary research and data to develop a strategic media plan tailored to achieve your enrollment management goals. Influence your future students through 1:1 precision targeting, full-funnel storytelling and next-generation marketing like U-Social.

A Legacy of Success

About Thinking Cap Agency

Thinking Cap Agency was born in 2019 from its parent company,  Refuel Agency, Inc. We boast more than 30 years of omni-channel brand and higher ed media + marketing experience targeting niche audiences. Rooted in research and driven by data, Thinking Cap Agency represents a dedicated focus and investment to innovate and elevate lead-generation strategies for colleges and universities that affect student enrollment growth.