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Navigating Data-Driven Enrollment Marketing

in our New World of Digital Privacy and Industry Restrictions

In today’s digital marketing ecosystem, generating inquiries via permission-based audience targeting is critical to your success, but as the (digital) cookies crumble and the industry evolves more and more rapidly, can you keep up?

On Demand Content

Engaging with your future students—through the right channels and at the ideal time when students are in the mindset to receive your information—drives results.

Identifying who you want to reach is important for enrollment marketing, but translating those targeted personas effectively into a permission-based, data-driven digital media strategy is more critical than ever. Privacy regulations and newly implemented targeting restrictions, combined with platform policing, have changed how we leverage data and buy digital media.

Watch the webinar to learn what these new and impending restrictions mean for digital marketing in continuing education—and what methods you can (and should!) use to influence prospective students in this new, complex ecosystem.


Thinking Cap is a leader in generating qualified student inquiries. Born in 2019 from its parent company, Refuel Agency, we boast more than 30 years of omni-channel brand and higher ed media + marketing experience targeting niche audiences. Rooted in research and driven by data, Thinking Cap Agency represents a dedicated focus and investment to innovate and elevate lead-generation strategies for colleges and universities that affect student enrollment growth.


Tim Gerstmyer, President
Thinking Cap Agency

Tim Gerstmyer has a 25+ year track record of conceiving and implementing innovative digital and multi-platform lead-generation strategies. He joined Refuel Agency in 2014 to build its Digital Media division with responsibility for developing digital solutions that dynamically and effectively target audiences and achieve substantial ROI for our clients. Tim’s impact on the Education category has now carried over to the launch of Thinking Cap Agency in 2019 with the introduction of new, cutting-edge multi-platform and data driven lead generation strategies that dramatically increase student enrollments goals. 
Tim is a dedicated father of three, loves the Jersey shore and donates the remainder of his spare time volunteering in support of the Schrader Autism Foundation as their Digital Marketing Advisor.