Thinking Cap Introduces State-of-the-Art Enrollment Marketing Tool, QUAD™

Quantitative University Analytics Dashboard provides colleges with data-driven marketing performance insights for effective college recruitment management

PRINCETON, NJ – May 26, 2020 – Thinking Cap, a leader in performance-based education marketing, announced it is now making their real-time campaign analytics tool, QUADTM, available for free to university clients. This tool enables Thinking Cap customers to amplify their higher education enrollment marketing capabilities and manage campaigns to achieve efficient ROI.

In the competitive and rapidly shifting education marketplace, QUADTM, or Quantitative University Analytics Dashboard™, offers real-time marketing performance data, allowing strategic optimization and full client transparency. QUADTM represents Thinking Cap’s commitment to successfully generating highly qualified student inquiries for its university partners that lead to enrollment growth. Thinking Cap clients have password protected access to QUAD TM through a client portal on the newly designed, where they can monitor results for the duration of every campaign.  

“We are unique in our approach by leveraging our proprietary research and student audience data,” Thinking Cap’s President, Tim Gerstmyer, said. “We truly do understand who your future students are and employ the technology and expertise to deliver results with real-time campaign performance analytics—we want our clients to know exactly how we bring their students to them.”  

Thinking Cap is a leader in data-driven enrollment marketing strategy and delivers qualified students through its commitment to research, its Student Data CenterTM, and its dedicated team of tactical media strategists that monitor campaigns from start to finish.   

An example of current research that Thinking Cap is conducting includes the correlation between higher education marketing outreach tactics and student responses in a time impacted by a pandemic. The multi-wave study will examine the correlation between higher education outreach tactics and student responses in a time impacted by a pandemic. This data will provide crucial insights into fall enrollment marketing strategies.  

More information for Thinking Cap, including QUADTM and all enrollment and research capabilities, can be found at 

About Thinking Cap Agency  

Thinking Cap is a higher ed enrollment marketing agency born from Refuel Agency, boasting a 30-year legacy of success that includes helping over 400 colleges and universities reach their goals. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with other locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Santa Barbara, Thinking Cap makes enrollment marketing simple and effective by driving quality student inquiries from pre-identified prospects. Thinking Cap’s data-driven approach and real-time analytics ensures enrollment marketing campaign success.   

Media Contact: Christina O’Toole, [email protected] 

Timothy Gerstmyer

Tim has a 25+ year track record of conceiving and implementing innovative digital and multi-platform lead-generation strategies. He joined Refuel Agency in 2014 to build its Digital Media division with responsibility for developing digital solutions that dynamically and effectively target audiences and achieve substantial ROI for our clients. Tim’s impact on the Education category has now carried over to the launch of Thinking Cap Agency in 2019 with the introduction of new, cutting edge multi-platform and data driven lead generation strategies that dramatically increase student enrollments goals.